Provides the best service and treatments that I have ever experienced.
Neda cares about her clients and does her best to make sure they are pleased and satisfied with her services and products.
Thank you very much!
Brian S.

Excellent customer service. Neda ensures that services recommended and provided are tailored specifically for the client.
Explains the benefits and potential side effects of each treatment.
She makes you feel comfortable with each session.
I have recommended this spa and Neda to my family.
Ida B.

I went in for a free consultation and it was great she took her time with me. And advised me what is the best treatments for my skin.
I felt that she was being honest not like the other spas that had ripped me off.
On top of that, the staff was great and very friendly.
I recommend Jeunesse Palace Medical Spa to everyone.
Patricia A.

Neda has rescued my skin! The facials and chem peels are wonderful for getting noticeable results.
She gets down to business and focuses on treating the skin.
She tells you exactly what treatments you need to receive the results you’re looking for!
She doesn’t try to over-sell or recommend unnecessary treatments and her packages are very reasonable!
She also has phenomenal customer service and is always so friendly and relaxed!
Elizabeth R.

One day my sister was bragging about this new place she went to.
She went on and on about how she went in for a microdermabrasion and a chemical peel and how she experienced an amazing facial and the lady who did it was amazing.
She recommended me to go because I’ve been suffering from adult acne for the past couple years and nothing has really worked for me. And I really mean nothing.
So I called to make an appt and consulted with Neda and she examined my face and pretty much told me what she has planned for my face.
I decided, why not..What have I got to loose? I’ve done everything and if this doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work.
I started the acne treatment she had me do then a few days later, went in for my first acne treatment.
I’m not going to lie, the extraction part hurts. But Neda is so kind and soft spoken and if you need a break, she’ll give you a break from the extraction. She doesn’t leave anything behind.
She gets everything! Yes your face is irritated and a little swollen after the extraction but believe me, trust me, the swelling goes down within a few hours and the irritation goes down within a few hours as well.
obviously, it varies from each person but it really did for me. The next couple days, you’ll see a difference in your face.
Your face will look a little clearer, blackheads were gone, no irritation or swelling and within the week or two, you begin to see improvement.
So far I’ve done two treatments and I have a third one coming up and I can honestly say, Neda does not disappoint.
She’s good at what she does. She doesn’t try to sell you anything and she doesn’t push you to do anything you don’t want to do.
My face is getting clearer every day. I’m taking care of my face and health more.
I do the acne regimen religiously regardless what time I come home. The place is very clean and calming.
There’s not a bad thing I can really say about this place.
I’m very glad my sister found her because if she didn’t, I’d still be buying OTC products or TV ad products that promise you clear skin.
I love this place so much, I recommended my mom to go see her for facials 🙂 Thanks Neda for helping me find my confidence again!
Rocky B.

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